• What is the source of the chondroitin sulfate?  Is it animal derived?
      • The Chondroitin Sulfate in Sophia Flow is microbial-derived and vegan.

      1. Are there contraindications?
          • We do not know of any contraindications, but it is recommended you ask your practitioner.
          1. Can I speak to a doctor who has used this clinically?
              • At this time we cannot provide customized advice.
              1. I’m a healthcare provider.  Can I get a discounted price?
                  • Yes, wholesale pricing is available for licensed providers with reseller's permits (MD, DO, DC, ND, LAc).  There is no quantity minimum at this time. To inquire about pricing, set up a wholesale account and to order, please contact info@sophianutrition.com with a copy of your reseller’s permit and medical license.  
                  1. Do you have a full ingredients list?  
                      1. How and where do I apply Sophia Flow?
                          1. Sophia Flow application is up to each person and their doctor, but you can start with a pea size on the neck 1-2 times per day.

                          2. Many patients benefit from using Dr Klinghardt’s Lymphatic Throat Massage protocol in conjunction with Sophia Flow.  The video is available at www.sophiahi.com/videos
                        1. How many applications does one 50 ml jar contain?
                            • This fully depends on usage.
                            1. Can it be shipped to Europe?
                                • Yes, Sophia Flow can be shipped outside of the United States.  To inquire and order, please contact info@sophianutrition.com.
                                1. Why is sugar in this product?
                                    • Citric acid and sugar are necessary for the wellbeing of the microbiome in the cream (Microbiome Advanced Formula) and they are consumed by the microbes during the fermentation process. Without them, the microbes could not thrive and produce all the molecules that are responsible for the beneficial effects of the cream. Their final concentration in the cream is far less than 1%, and both are from high-quality food sources.
                                    1. Is Sophia Flow shipped in ice?  It’s very hot where I live. Is it heat stable for shipping?
                                      • Sophia Flow will be fine and stable shipped to your hot climate.  It is not packed in ice, and is kept unrefrigerated until opening.  Once opened, please keep it in the refrigerator.