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Education Series

Brain Detoxification
Through The Skin

Sophia Flow Microbiome Advanced Formula

Your skin both absorbs and “exhales” sweat and toxins all day every day. Dr. Marco Ruggiero, shares in this powerful lecture how YOU CAN USE that system to detoxify.

Learn more about the decades of research behind:
Sophia FLOW Detoxifying Cream

Lecture Topic Timestamp

  • 6:00 Studies of skin on EMF and transdermal delivery of bioactive molecules.
  • 10:00 Recent discovery led to the Ruggiero-Kilnghardt Protocol.
  • 12:00 The Brain has a lymphatic system of its own for detoxification.
  • 14:27 Impaired lymphatic drainage leads to the accumulation of toxins and inflammation.
  • 17:25 "Clogged" deep cervical nodes are often present in people with Lyme disease and other neurological diseases. Can these lymph nodes be "unclogged" or removed?
  • 25:17 Discover the complex network through which interstitum fluid removes toxins.
  • 27:10 Ultrasound images of "Kathy" show pre- and post-transdermal treatment.
  • 38:35 Protocol for opening the deep cervical nodes through the interstitium.

Sophia Flow™

Lymphatic Detoxifying Cream

Based on the most advanced research on the human microbiome and its master role in human well-being

Discover the Power

Lymphatic congestion is very often the foundation for chronic or viral infectious stress. Sophia Flow™ Cream is a powerful lymphatic detoxifying cream, used transdermally to support the immune system.

This cream is based on decades of most advanced research on the human microbiome and its master role in human well-being by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Christine Schaffner.

Sophia Flow™ Cream has been developed to maximize the effects of the microbiologically- enhanced molecules and contains vegetable oil naturally rich in oleic acid, the active principle of olive oil whose benefits have been known for millennia and sunflower phospholipids rich in phosphatidylcholine, the most abundant phospholipid in the cell membrane where it plays a key role in cellular signaling.