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Lymphatic Support to Minimize Herxheimer Reaction

Lymphatic Support to Minimize Herxheimer Reaction

The lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked systems in the body and if you are dealing with a chronic illness it is essential to get your lymphatic system moving. Taking care of your lymphatic system during treatment can minimize detox symptoms and Herxheimer Reaction.

What is a Herxheimer Reaction?

When you are treating chronic infections there is a period of time when the biotoxins at the infection that are being produced can overwhelm your organs of elimination and create more inflammatory responses. This is known as a Herximer Reaction. So one of the most important and often overlooked keys to treatment is ensuring that alongside your antimicrobial and antiinfective strategies you are supporting the lymph system.

Learn more about a few key products used at Sophia Health Institute to improve and support the lymphatic system to minimize Herxheimer Reaction during treatment and detox.

Sophia Flow™ - Microbiome Advanced Formula

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